Hurricane Katrina Starts the Odyssey

Hurricane Katrina Starts the Odyssey
Fate Perpetuates It

25 August 2010

Strenght and Courage

Misadventures of a New Orleans Girl is about strength and courage - at the end of the story, you feel like you can do what you have to do.

15 August 2010


If all you had to drink was dirty water, like in Pakistan right now, would you risk disease or dehydration?

07 August 2010


Hard anniversary is nearing. Blasting Hurricane Katrina came through five years ago, end of August. 
Hard to relive. 
Hard for the people who went through what I call "the odyssey."
Imagine so many people and each one has an individual story to tell; to relive. 
Katrina was a three-warm-core-ring circus, so to speak. 
We who have survived that wind and water will gulp at the thought. 
Destruction was like an exploded bomb of maximum force. Scary to see it; scarier to live it. Still scary.  
This is not so-called reality TV. It is real life horror that makes your stomach sick. 
Anniversaries and their dates serve as markers of time. But the pain from the event is no greater because of a calendar number. It is pain so immense that it literally could not get any worse. 
Blessings to you who have gone through Hell and lived to talk about it. Your story is gigantic and so is your courage.  

26 July 2010

11 July 2010

Oily-Slick PR

Honesty and truth in advertising has blurry line in PR spot ads being run by BP OIL.
That campaign is about as disheartening as what that company has done to spoil - desimate- our wetlands and creatures.
Image making or breaking? I don't believe them. It stinks.

28 June 2010

Mental Illness Comes to Oil Foreground

It's taken 70 days for that BP OIL CRISIS in the GULF to turn to psychological issues.
Eco, everything covered it up. Inevitable.
We need qualified therapists in diners daily for group sessions;
Music, mental, physical, ground-floor basics.
Gulf Coast citizens are beyond 'the verge.' the verge is beyond the gulf.
Pelicans, bans, losses - every shape and form.